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2008 Proof Silver Eagle

2008 Proof Silver Eagle

2008 Proof American Silver Eagle

The 2008 proof silver eagle was minted at West Point, New York and includes the original mint packaging, velvet presentation case and Certificate of Authenticity. The coin features the prized "W" mintmark on the reverse.

The obverse design features Adolph A. Weinman's stunning Walking Liberty design dating back to 1916, with an ever hopeful Liberty striding confidently toward the sunrise, draped in the strength of the Stars and Stripes carrying in her arms branches of laurel and oak to symbolize both civil and military glory. The reverse design, by United States Mint sculptor John Mercanti, features a striking heraldic eagle with shield, and olive branch in the right talon and arrows in the left.

Proof coins are specially minted for collectors and are made from highly polished planchets (coin blanks) and dies. These coins receive the highest quality strike possible and can be distinguished from regular uncirculated coins by their sharpness of detail, deeply frosted cameo image, and brilliant mirrored background.

The 2008 proof silver eagle was unexpectedly discontinued in August 2008 by the US Mint and never returned. The Mint explained that it was directing available blank silver planchets for the production of the bullion silver eagle coin program instead, which it is required by law to strike to meet demand. That demand was at record levels owing to the uncertain economy of the time and continued throughout 2009 and 2010. As a direct result, no 2009 proof silver eagles were produced at all -- to the dismay of both coin collectors and dealers alike.

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