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2009 Austrian Silver Philharmonic

2009 Silver Philharmonic

GEM Brilliant Uncirculated 2009 Austrian Silver Philharmonic

This gorgeous coin is the second year of issue in the popular Austrian One Ounce Uncirculated Silver Vienna Philharmonic bullion coin series. Following the success of their incredibly popular Vienna Philharmonic gold bullion coins, the Austrian Mint introduced a silver bullion version of the same design in 2008. One side of the coin features selected instruments of the world famous orchestra while the other side of the coin depicts the great organ of the Golden Hall in Vienna, site of the annual New Year's Day Concert.

The coin is gem brilliant uncirculated with a gorgeous "proof-like" finish and is 37 mm in diameter. The coin contains one ounce 0.999 fine silver, with a €1.50 face value -- making it a "legal tender" coin in Austria. Obviously, the face value is largely symbolic since the intrinsic silver value is much greater than the face value.

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