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2017 Cayman Islands 1 oz Silver Marlin

2017 Cayman Islands Silver Marlin

2017 Cayman Islands Silver Marlin Coin - JUST RELEASED!

The Silver Marlin bullion coin is minted on behalf of the Cayman Islands, a chain of islands known for aquatic wildlife and a high standard of living. This beautiful piece showcases a Marlin in full detail leaping off the ocean surface. This release will have a limited mintage of 50,000 coins.

A spectacular image of a Blue Marlin is shown arcing in the air as it jumps from the water, a light mist trailing the sport fish. Its long bill is vividly portrayed across the coin, recreating the effect of the Marlin using its bill as a weapon to stun or injure its prey. Surrounding the marlin is a nautical rope border with the Royal Cypher of Queen Elizabeth II surmounted by St. Edward's Crown. The flip side displays the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II shown over a wave-like surface which complements the other side.

The Silver Marlin Coin has a gorgeous proof-like finish, is 39 mm in diameter and includes a clear plastic mint capsule. Each coin contains one ounce 0.999 fine silver, with a $1.00 face value -- making it a "legal tender" coin in the Cayman Islands. Obviously, the face value is largely symbolic since the collector and silver value is much greater than the face value.

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