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2017 Owl of Athena 1 Ounce Silver Coin

2017 Athenian Owl Silver Coin

2017 Athenian Owl Stackable Silver Coin - JUST RELEASED!

Original Owl of Athena Silver Coin

The New Zealand Mint and the issuing nation of Niue, recently released the all new Owl of Athena Tetradrachm $2 bullion coin. The coin design dates back 2500 years and features the classic Owl of Athena. The original coin was hand struck in silver and was valued at one "tetradrachm" which means four drachmas which was the currency unit in Ancient Greece. Original coins are now valued at several thousand dollars each!

The 2017 bullion coin contains one ounce of 0.999 pure silver with a face value of NZD $2.00. It is struck in high relief, with hammered fields and reflective owl eyes. The coins also feature a broad stackable rim. The majestic owl stands on a tree branch, with AΘE positioned to the right of the bird. In modern times AΘE has come to stand for Alethia Orno Eternia, which translates to Truth, Honor and Eternity. The reflective hammered background pays homage to the original hand hammered coin and features a crescent moon and an olive branch of peace. Queen Elizabeth II, NIUE, TWO DOLLARS and the 2017 date are featured on the flip side.

Each coin will be shipped in a 2x2 non-PVC safety flip unless you buy 20 coins which would come in their original plastic mint tube. The coins also fit into our 39 mm plastic capsules (sold separately in packs of ten holders).

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