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2023 Cook Islands Silver Mutiny on the Bounty

2023 Cook Islands Silver Bounty

2023 Cook Islands Silver Bounty Ship Coin - Gem BU Condition!

The Cook Islands Silver Bounty coin was inspired by the legendary novel "Mutiny on the Bounty" and is perfect for any collection. The design is simply gorgeous and features the HMS Bounty (1784-1790) in brilliant proof-like finish over a frosted "net" design in the field. The face value - ONE DOLLAR, weight - 1 OZ FINE SILVER, and purity - 9999 are included. The flip side features QUEEN ELIZABETH II, the issuing country - COOK ISLANDS, and the 2023 date over the same frosted "net" design.

The Silver Bounty Coin is minted on behalf of the Cook Islands government with an impeccable reverse proof-like finish and is 39 mm in diameter. Each coin contains one ounce 0.9999 fine silver, with a $1.00 face value -- making it a "legal tender" coin in the Cook Islands. Obviously, the face value is largely symbolic since the collector and silver value is much greater than the face value.

Each coin will be shipped in a 2x2 non-PVC safety flip unless you buy 20 coins which would come in their original plastic mint tube. The coins also fit into our 39 mm plastic capsules (sold separately in packs of ten holders).

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