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Engelhard Prospector 1 Oz. Silver Round

Prospector 1 Oz. Silver Round

Random Date Engelhard Prospector 1 Oz. Silver Round (1982-1987)

In the late 1970s as the price of silver began to climb to $50 an ounce, the major silver refineries, such as Handy & Harman, Johnson-Matthey, and Engelhard, began producing silver bullion products, primarily 100-oz and 10-oz bars. In 1982, Engelhard was the first company to market 1-oz silver bullion rounds, which carried an image of a prospector panning, oddly enough, for gold. Silver, unlike gold, is not found in river or stream alluvial deposits.

These Engelhard silver Prospectors soon dominated the 1-oz silver round market. Even Johnson-Matthey, which introduced an inspiring series of Freedom Rounds centered on the Bill of Rights, was unable to compete. However, in 1987 as interest in precious metals waned, Engelhard stopped producing products for silver investors. Undoubtedly instrumental in Engelhard's decision to cease production of Silver Prospectors was competition from the US Mint's legal tender Silver Eagles (introduced in 1986), which sold for only slightly more than did the non-legal tender Silver Prospectors.

The same kneeling prospector graces the obverse of all Silver Prospectors. However, Engelhard used a couple different designs for the reverse. Prospectors are dated from 1982 to 1987 with the earlier dates (1982-1984) featuring the large Engelhard E logo on the reverse. Later dates (1983-1987) feature a bald eagle carrying an American flag on the reverse. Two dates (1983-1984) were minted with both reverse designs. All 1982 dates only carry the large Engelhard E logo on the reverse.

Because of their excellent quality striking and because they carry the prized Engelhard hallmark, Prospector silver rounds are extremely collectable today and are still highly sought after, even though they have not been produced in over 30 years!

Each round will be shipped in a 2x2 non-PVC safety flip unless you buy 20 coins which would come in a medallion coin tube. The rounds also fit into our 39 mm plastic capsules (sold separately in packs of ten holders).

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