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2021 Australia Silver Kookaburra

2021 Australia Silver Kookaburra

2021 Australian Silver Kookaburra - JUST RELEASED!

The 2021 silver kookaburra is the 32nd coin issued in the popular Australian Silver Kookaburra Series and features a kookaburra perched on a branch with the words AUSTRALIAN KOOKABURRA, 2021 date, and 1 oz 9999 SILVER. The other side features Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II along with the face value of ONE DOLLAR. The Australian Kookaburra is one of only a few world silver bullion coins to change its design yearly. This design change, coupled with a very limited mintage, has made the Kookaburra one of the most popular silver bullion coins of all time.

Each coin is gem brilliant uncirculated with a gorgeous proof-like finish and is 40.6 mm in diameter. Each coin contains one ounce 0.9999 pure silver, with a $1.00AUS face value per coin -- making it a "legal tender" coin in Australia. Obviously, the face value is largely symbolic since the intrinsic silver value is much greater than the face value. Each coin comes in its original Perth Mint protective plastic capsule. Buy (20) coins and you will receive an original Perth Mint sealed roll.

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